What we're all about

The Unlimited Club is born from a deep desire to create something different to help the next generation thrive in a crazy and unpredictable world. But, we realised many of us grown-ups are also experiencing some of the same challenges.

We're creating a family orientated approach that helps every generation think outside the box.  Because the best way to help our kids is to go there too – to show them what a deeply connected, fun, happy, fulfilled, authentic life actually looks like. 

How does it work? What’s different?

It's not an individual self-help book, course or coaching programme that only gives you part of the picture.

Building solid foundations

We’re launching the first personal development app for kids – technology that helps them develop independence, resilience, passion and problem-solving. It’s something the whole family can get involved with.

Inspiration and education

We’ll be providing online resources, courses and community to help you all become unlimited. We want to bring some honesty, lightness and humour to this thing so you can too.

A tribe who get it and are prepared to do something about it

We’re creating fun, transformative real-world family events that help us connect with each other, learn and grow. 

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