A simple tool to help you support your child through difficult challenges, friendships and problems

The WhatSwat helps boosts self-esteem, personal resources and sense of independence by focusing on individual strengths and using them to create ideas and solutions. 

Why is this important?

  • Self-esteem can take a hit when we feel dependent on other people and powerless to change the situation.
  • We can end up focusing on weaknesses and problems rather than using our unique resources and strengths to find solutions.
  • It’s our strengths, not our weaknesses that help us through life’s challenges.
  • We can encourage our kids to see they have a choice in every difficult situation – even if it’s not ideal or particularly comfortable. Feeling helpless is something we want to avoid.

Download the WhatSwot worksheets so you can write answers down and refer to them.  Using the worksheets guides your child through the process so they're more able to problem-solve independently in the future.

Run through the steps below and make it fun! 

Download the worksheet

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