Dropping expectations doesn't mean ignoring your needs!

Claire John on Thu 5 Sep

So, did I manage to let go of "I've got to make the most of it" and the expectations that come with holidays and doing something special? Yes and No.  Here's what I learnt and what I believe is the secret to success/

Why expectations can pull the plug on family fun

Claire John on Mon 19 Aug

Today I’m sharing another behaviour pattern that I’m working on which particularly kicks in when I have a holiday or we’re doing something special. 

I can have every intention of being present and enjoying life moment by moment…and then I have the urge to

‘make the most out of it’ ...

Self-talk part 2

Claire John on Fri 26 Jul

Why we should drop "DON'T"

Self-talk Part 1

Claire John on Thu 25 Jul

Today’s 101 builds on my last video about how we can use our imagination to help rather than hinder us and covers another aspect of our inner world that can bite us on the bum. 


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