Switch off the news

Claire John on Wed 7 Aug

What you’re watching, reading and listening to on a daily basis really matters.


When we focus on the negative all the time, when we look for what’s wrong rather than what’s right, we’re more prone to feeling negative emotions.  We’re more prone to depression and anxiety.

So what can we do about it?

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

Claire John on Tue 6 Aug

Sharing everyday challenges, when we feel the fear and do it anyway, is key to encouraging our kids to step outside their comfort zone.

What better way to model resilience and a positive mindset than choosing to do something when as an adult you have the option to avoid it!


Self-talk part 2

Claire John on Fri 26 Jul

Why we should drop "DON'T"

Self-talk Part 1

Claire John on Thu 25 Jul

Today’s 101 builds on my last video about how we can use our imagination to help rather than hinder us and covers another aspect of our inner world that can bite us on the bum. 


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