Why I'm ignoring my perfectionist tendencies

on Wed 17 Jul

I’m not happy with yesterday’s 101 video. When I watched it back it seemed a little bit ‘teachy’ and teachy is not what I’m about.  I want this thing to be more about sharing warts and all stuff.  I wasn’t happy.

I was really, really tempted to shoot it again. But I called myself on it.  This would be going against everything I stand for – including taking risks, being vulnerable and learning.

I have a choice, I can commit to creating and sharing stuff every day,  developing my skills as I go, or I can try and prepare and perfect vlogging, blogging and presenting before putting anything out in the world.  

Fragile Ego

For years, I spent my time preparing and perfecting things rather than focusing on doing and improving.  Deep down I believed that failure, mistakes (particularly public ones) defined my worth.  I believed that I needed to prove that I could do it, I had what it takes. It was all about protecting my fragile ego rather than becoming the person I wanted to be. This, I can assure you, is a recipe for slow progress, mediocrity and stress.  I certainly don’t want to model this for my daughter.

I haven’t been shooting videos for decades, it’s going to take some serious doing, some serious practice, to become anywhere near masterful at it.  But the one thing I do know is if I commit myself fully to it, if I consistently show up and share stuff warts and all, there is every chance I can become great at it.  And, more importantly, I might just inspire someone else in the process.

The Unlimited Club is about all of us, parents and kids, being free to create our best life.  A big part of this is letting go of those old limiting beliefs, fear of judgement and not being good enough so we can do the things we really want to do.   

The need to protect our ego limits so many of us and it can really limit our kids.  When we take risks, when we dare to get it wrong, we help them learn the path to a full and successful life.  

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