Why expectations can pull the plug on family fun

on Mon 19 Aug

Today I’m sharing another behaviour pattern I’m working on which particularly kicks in when I have a holiday or we’re doing something special.

While I have every intention of being present and 'in the moment' the urge to make the most out of it on holiday kicks in and I do the exact opposite. 

I have an expectation that it should (I love that word) be fabulous, we must enjoy ourselves, we have to find the best places, restaurants, experiences…ahhh.

And boom. I’ve disconnected from the moment and I’ve switched into the ‘it’s got to be the best, better, more’ zone creating a pile of stress.  I’ll admit, I’m the person glued to Tripadvisor restaurant reviews as I sit by the pool. 

When I show up like this, I’m approaching life from a place of lack rather than abundance.  I’m believing (for a moment) that my circumstances, what I've got and what I do dictate my experience and my happiness.   

And that’s a recipe for one great big fat let down I can tell you and it’s something I do not want to model for my daughter.

But no more. I’ve got a couple of weeks of family time coming up and I’m throwing away the ‘it’s got to be perfect’ thing to focus on being with the people I love and going with the flow. 

No trying to control everything, plan everything or making the most of it.

I’ll let you know how I get on. 

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