Vulnerability Hang-overs

on Sat 5 Oct

This is a follow-up to the last video about the importance of vulnerability - because vulnerability comes with baggage.

When we’re vulnerable we can often feel what Brene Brown calls a vulnerability hangover.  That feeling you have afterwards when you relive what you’ve said or done and regret it…the inner cringe monster.

I get this all the time.  It’s getting easier…because I’m practising vulnerability…but I still catch myself curling my toes and cringing out loud every now and again when I’ve walked my talk.

So, if we’re daring to be vulnerable, to have courage, to own it, how can we avoid or at least mitigate a vulnerability hangover?

Know your boundaries, triggers and raw points.  Vulnerability isn’t about throwing yourself to the wolves. Protect yourself and your stress levels and do the inner work on any raw stuff before you share it.  Take it gently. 

Be with and allow for the sore.  Consider the story you’re telling yourself, based on those past experiences, look out for the inner critic and be kind to yourself.  Recognise what you’ve done as a huge step. You’re leading the charge.  Like exercise, sometimes we have delayed soreness the next day but the soreness is part of getting stronger.  Just make some room for some recovery and recognition.

For me, vulnerability is part of what I do, what I’m creating, but sometimes I need to protect myself too.  Let’s face it if this was easy, I wouldn’t be making a video about it. 

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