Help your kids develop a key aspect of positive mental health

on Tue 16 Jul

Connection with others is a fundamental human need – we all need it to be happy and healthy.  But how we connect and communicate has changed dramatically since we were youngsters.  Back in the day, we may have picked up the phone or knocked on a door, but our kids are growing up in a world where we communicate via screens most of the time.    

While this certainly has its benefits, it also has its downsides too.  Some serious ones.

The virtual mask

Connecting online can create a sort of barrier. What we put out in the world tends to be somewhat filtered and can also miss vital information (anyone guilty of analysing text messages??!!).   

Deep and meaningful connection requires us to be real, share and take risks now and again. It requires an element of vulnerability.  How can we feel understood, supported and normal when we're all holding back.

Lacking in empathy  

We learn empathy, having an understanding and sensitivity for someone else’s experience and emotions, by observing others. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to ping a text or post on Social Media and not see the emotional impact of our actions on another.  There are no consequences.

What can we do?

Now, while your kiddos may not have phones or social media profiles yet, we can help them build some solid foundations (or should I say connections) for when they do. We can show them what real, warts and all, deep connection looks and feels like at home so they not only feel accepted and supported but they can recreate it for themselves down the line.     

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