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Vulnerability Hang-overs

Claire John on Sat 5 Oct

This is a follow-up to the last video about the importance of vulnerability - because vulnerability comes with baggage.

Stronger leaders, inspiring parents

Claire John on Sat 5 Oct

Vulnerability is something that’s pretty fundamental to our well-being, our ability to deeply connect and inspire others.  The problem is, we’re living in a world where being vulnerable and being real feels really dangerous.   

If you want to change, improve, grow...look for difference

Claire John on Thu 3 Oct

If you’re working towards some sort of personal change or towards a particular goal, whether that’s getting fit, improving mental health or even getting a new job there’s a simple concept that can shape the results you get.

Simple but game-changing.

Fear of failure or fear of success?

Claire John on Mon 23 Sep

For a brief time yesterday I had a familiar feeling bubble up - something I shared with my coach and had a bit of a laugh about.  I thought I’d shoot a video about it because this thing can be a sneaky sucker and it can stop us playing full out in our business, at school, socially, all of it. 

This thing is fear of success.

Can we have obedient rebels?

Claire John on Fri 20 Sep

Obedience versus independent thinking in our kids...does it have to be either-or?

Dropping expectations doesn't mean ignoring your needs!

Claire John on Thu 5 Sep

So, did I manage to let go of "I've got to make the most of it" and the expectations that come with holidays and doing something special? Yes and No.  Here's what I learnt and what I believe is the secret to success/

Why expectations can pull the plug on family fun

Claire John on Mon 19 Aug

Today I’m sharing another behaviour pattern that I’m working on which particularly kicks in when I have a holiday or we’re doing something special. 

I can have every intention of being present and enjoying life moment by moment…and then I have the urge to

‘make the most out of it’ ...

Beliefs and behaviours span generations

Claire John on Fri 16 Aug

I’m right royally in my ‘stretch zone’ and it is sooooo uncomfortable, but I know the only person who can move beyond limiting beliefs and behaviours, passed down generation to generation, is me. Which is why I’m choosing to keep calm(ish) and carry on.

A simple technique to help everyone with everyday conflicts and disagreements

Claire John on Fri 9 Aug

How to see things from a different perspective to improve relationships and calm conflicts. 

Switch off the news

Claire John on Wed 7 Aug

What you’re watching, reading and listening to on a daily basis really matters.


When we focus on the negative all the time, when we look for what’s wrong rather than what’s right, we’re more prone to feeling negative emotions.  We’re more prone to depression and anxiety.

So what can we do about it?

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

Claire John on Tue 6 Aug

Sharing everyday challenges, when we feel the fear and do it anyway, is key to encouraging our kids to step outside their comfort zone.

What better way to model resilience and a positive mindset than choosing to do something when as an adult you have the option to avoid it!


Why choice is key to motivating the whole family

Claire John on Tue 30 Jul

How we can encourage ourselves and our kids to do stuff!

Self-talk part 2

Claire John on Fri 26 Jul

Why we should drop "DON'T"

Self-talk Part 1

Claire John on Thu 25 Jul

Today’s 101 builds on my last video about how we can use our imagination to help rather than hinder us and covers another aspect of our inner world that can bite us on the bum. 


How your imagination can help you achieve your goals

Claire John on Tue 23 Jul

If you practice something badly, if you practice poor technique, you’ll develop poor technique, right? Well, the same can be said when you use your imagination.

So how can we use our imagination to help rather than hinder us.

It's not fair!

Claire John on Fri 19 Jul

It's really easy to become fixated on what everyone else is doing, having and achieving rather than focusing on the good stuff in our own lives.  So how can we quit the evil habit of comparing and despairing so we're all a whole lot happier?

Why I'm ignoring my perfectionist tendencies

Claire John on Wed 17 Jul

I'm not happy with yesterdays 101 video but this is all about why I'm leaving it up and moving on.

Deep and meaningful connection

Claire John on Tue 16 Jul

What can we do to help our kids feel connected, supported and understood as they grow up communicating via screens? 

A mind-body hack to help you calm down and think clearly

Claire John on Mon 15 Jul

We all get stressed and anxious from time to time but learning this simple technique, using our natural neurobiology, can help us switch back into a calm and receptive state whenever we need to.  This video shows you how you can teach the whole family to do it and have some fun at the same time.   When you've got the hang of it you'll be able to use it on the fly and no one will know you're doing anything at all. 

Check out the full blog article here https://medium.com/the-unlimited-club/3-steps-to-help-anxious-kids-and-stressed-parents-5dceb02ec36

How to get your kids to write thank you cards

Chris John on Thu 11 Jul

It's March and the stack of half-written Xmas thank you cards finally finds its way to the bin, embarrassed and slightly ashamed. That's when I thought enough is enough. Luckily I came across an idea that turned things around.

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